School Uniforms


(New change: Navy polo and khaki pants for performances and field trips, K-12 students.)

Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy wishes to present an image of Christian values to our community, parents, and students that is consistent with modesty, good taste, cleanliness, and neatness. Because interpretation varies from one individual to another, these guidelines are to help students and parents understand the dress code for Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy students. Students are required to maintain the dress code while on campus. For special events at school or off-campus events, acceptable dress code variations may be announced. 

• All approved uniform clothing items are displayed under gender and grade on this website: PHAA school code is 900055658 or enter school name.

• . All shirts, blouses, sweaters, and vests must have our school logo and be purchased through Lands’ End (we will honor clothing with the old PHAA logo).

• Jackets, sweaters, and coats must be solid colors in black or shades of blue

• Pants, shorts, skorts, skirts and/or jumpers must be “uniform” khaki or navy and may be purchased at such stores as Target, Sears or Costco but must be standard “School Uniform” clothing, not skin-tight pants or non-uniform style pants.

• Shorts, skirts, and dresses are to be modest in length (both standing and sitting) and must measure no more than 2” above the kneecap. 

• Shoes must be closed toe in one of the following colors: black, dark brown, dark gray or navy blue.

• No hooded sweatshirts are to be worn on campus.


Uniform Policy – Elementary and Middle School

• For field trips or performance, grades K-8 will wear the navy blue polo with logo and khaki pants. 

• Physical Education, grades 5-8, white/grey t-shirt (non-school logo ok if smaller than a credit card), black knee length shorts and athletic shoes (and/or Highschool PE uniform acceptable).


Uniform Policy – High School 

• High school students must purchase at least one navy polo shirt with a logo for field trips and performances from Lands’ End.

• High school students must purchase at least one (1) each of Physical Education black shorts and gray short sleeve t-shirt purchased through Lands’ End. 


Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy has gently used uniform clothing that has been donated back to the school. Please call the office if interested.