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Financial Information

Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy attempts to keep school charges as low as possible, consistent with good business practices. The following policies have been adopted and will be followed.


Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy is a part of the Seventh-day Adventist school system, and is partially subsidized by the Northern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and its constituent churches, who have made a monthly financial commitment to the Academy. As a result, students who are Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) do receive a discount as reflected below.
Grade Total Annual
(4% Discount)
(2% Discount)
10 Months 11 Months
Grades K-6          
  Tuition Rate $6,701 $6,434 $3,284 x 2 $670 $610
  Tuition SDA Rate 6,232 5,983 3,054 x 2 623 556
  Tuition Constituent SDA Rate 5,141 4,936 2,519 x 2  514 468
Grades 7-8          
  Tuition Rate $8,813 $8,461 4,319 X 2 $881 $802
  Tuition SDA Rate 8,068 7,746 3,954 X 2 807 734
  Tuition Constituent SDA Rate 6,773 6,502 3,319 X 2 677 616
Grades 9-12          
  Tuition Rate $10,679 $10,253 5,233 X 2 $1,068 $971
  Tuition SDA Rate 10,088 9,685 4,944 X 2 1,009 918
  Tuition Constituent SDA Rate 8,486 8,147 4,159 X 2 849 772
International Students Please contact the admissions office for pricing
  • Tuition includes book rentals, lab fees, art supplies, and technology fee.
  • For students who start mid-session, tuition is prorated based on the first class attended and the number of classes remaining in the year.
  • All tuition is due on the 15th day of the month. When the 15th falls on a holiday or weekend, tuition is due the following regular business day.
To provide families with more flexibility in meeting their tuition obligations, four payment plans are available.
  • One annual payment, due before the 1st day of class (4% discount)*
  • Two payments, due August and January (2% discount)*
  • Ten monthly (10) payments, due August through May
  • Eleven (11) monthly payments, due July  through May
*Annual & Semi-Annual payments must be made via cash or check to receive discount.
Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy is partnering with Smart Tuition for the processing and collection of tuition for the 2015-2016 school year. By moving to a tuition management system, PHAA joins a growing number of  private and parochial schools utilizing such services to better serve families, by providing you more convenient and secure options of payment, online access to your account, and 24/7 customer service. 

Discounts & Incentives

  • Sibling - a discount is granted for each additional sibling enrolled living in the same household at the rate of 3% discount – 2nd student; 7% discount – 3rd student.
  • New student credit - a new 1-12th grade student attending a SDA school for the first time, will receive a credit equal to one (1) 11 month payment applied towards May’s tuition bill.
  • Referral credit – A referral credit of $400(Elementary) or $700(High School) is applied towards May’s tuition bill for referring students who subsequently enrolls for the year.
  • Automatic bank payment (ACH) - $50 discount

Late payments

Prompt payment of tuition and fees is required of all families and is an essential part of having your child enrolled in a private school.
  • Full payment of a family's monthly installment is due on the 15th, and if not received by Smart Tuition by the close of business on the 20th of the month, a fifty dollar ($50.00) late fee will be levied immediately.
  • Students with tuition account past due in excess of thirty (30) days, are considered in breach of the registration agreement and conditions of enrollment. In such a situation, notice will be provided by the Academy that full payment of the past due balance must be received within 14 calendar days or the family's child will not be permitted to attend classes.
  • Students whose tuition accounts are past due at mid-term exam time, will be prohibited from taking exams.
  • Students owing tuition or fees by final exams time, will be prohibited from taking final exams.
  • 12th-grade students with past due accounts will be unable to go on the senior class trip
  • Graduating students owing tuition or fees by May 15, will not participate in graduation events and will not be able to obtain a diploma until the account is paid in full.
  • Any unpaid tuition from previous school years prevents re-enrollment in PHAA.  Parents must pay all previous outstanding fees prior to enrollment.
  • Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy may use any legal means at its disposal to reclaim funds past due, including the engagement of third-party collection agencies to whom financial details will be passed by the Academy as is permissible by law.

Application Fee

A non-refundable application fee per child is due annually to secure the student’s placement at PHAA. The application fee is due with the application and is based on the following schedule:
  • Apply by April 10……Fee
  • Apply by June 5…….$50
  • Apply After June 5….$100

Other Fees

During the school year, there will be additional expenses for school uniforms, field trips, activity fees, etc.  Charges will vary depending on your child's grade and level of involvement. These fees may include the following:
  • Parent Volunteer Background Check (Shield the Vulnerable)
$25 (per parent)
  • Private Music lessons
  • Instrument Rentals
  • P.E. Uniforms
$30 (estimate)
  • Varsity Sports
  • Extended Care
$2.50/ half hour
  • Field Trips

Financial Aid

Financial aid programs may be available for families who qualify. PHAA will make every effort to see that no child is denied access to a Christian education based solely on lack of funds to pay tuition.
The need for financial aid is reviewed annually and confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.
Families experiencing sudden financial hardships should contact the Academy to make special arrangements for handling the payment of delinquent tuition fees or emergency assistance. Emergency tuition assistance funds are sometimes available. The degree to which PHAA can subsidize those who are unable to pay may vary each year.

Student Employment

Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy offers limited employment to academy students for the purpose of providing financial assistance in fulfilling financial obligations to the academy. To qualify for possible employment, a student must apply, be accepted, and demonstrate his/her intention to attend the academy.


If a parent or family decides to withdraw their child from the Academy during the school year, the Academy requires one month’s written notice, and the parent or family remains responsible for tuition and fees for the full term of this one month period, irrespective of whether the child is physically withdrawn from the Academy by the parents.
New students can cancel their enrollment any time during their first semester with a 1 week written notice.
If a child's enrollment is terminated by the Academy for reasons of behavior or an infraction of school rules, policies, practices or standards, the parent or family of the child remains liable for full payment of all tuition and fees through the end of the calendar month in which the enrollment was terminated, irrespective of whether the child is allowed to remain on campus or in classes.

To make a payment on Smart Tuition, click here.


Adventist School Pay will be discontinued February 1, 2016.  Please make payments through Smart Tuition.

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