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Principal's Welcome
I would like to extend my welcome to all of you who are visiting Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy’s web site and those who are interested in pursuing an education at PHAA that focuses on the whole child. Due to the many issues in education today, schools and school systems have focused mainly on one or two aspects of a student’s learning. At Pleasant Hill Adventist Academy, we provide an educational experience that reaches each child’s whole being. What is the whole child? We believe that God created us to be a complete person, which includes the mental, spiritual, social and physical aspects of education. Many schools have been cutting back in the arts and health fitness and many schools do not focus or even touch on the spiritual realm. As educators that endeavor to reach the whole student, we hold music, art and fitness as important as the other core classes.
I joined the PHAA school family six years ago as the principal in a new emerging K-12 program and became a part of a dedicated team that successfully led the school through its first K-12 full WASC accreditation process which resulted in a six year term of accreditation, the most years a school can receive. More importantly, I look forward to coming to work every day because I consider it enjoyable and I have an opportunity to spend time helping children and students of all ages. For me, being at PHAA is truly not a job but an adventure we are all on together.
The staff and I are very excited that parents have entrusted their child’s education to us. We will make every effort to help each child achieve academically, socially, healthily and most importantly spiritually. Of course, as the first teachers in your child’s life, we need your insights, support and cooperation. I encourage each parent to become active co-teachers with us by supporting the teachers, Home & School and other school programs. 
Finally, if a child needs additional support or if a parent has a concern please know, that we don’t want a parent to hesitate to contact their teacher. It is our mission to support children in whichever way we can. Please know that my door is always open to all. If a parent needs assistance or has questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school or me directly.
Mr. Ally Emmerson